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The Implementation Compass™ was developed by Bridges Business Consultancy Int from research into what the companies that successfully implement strategy do differently.

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Why do tradional models of change no longer work

Organisational change remains a difficult game to play today.

01 May 2018
Transformation in the Digital World - You Are The Judge

Uniquely delivered three-day workshop presenting contrarian views which generate a dynamism in the sessions

14 Apr 2018
Executing With Strategic Speed HBR

Ed Boswell, CEO of the Forum Corporation, explains why you need to slow down to speed up.

26 Mar 2018
Getting Strategy Execution Right HBR

Michael Jarrett, INSEAD professor, on the most important imperative for your business.

16 Mar 2018
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Implementation Tip
of the day

“Leaders never start with what needs to be done. Leaders start with WHY we need to do things. Leaders inspire action.”

- From Simon Sinek