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Welcome to the Implementation Hub – Your portal to strategy implementation success.
This exciting and informative site has been designed to serve people who are looking for a single online location to find materials in the most effective and efficient way to implement strategy.

It is a central depository where rather than searching endless websites you can find what you are looking for in one place. It is loaded with templates, techniques, tips, best practices, media presentations, case studies, audits, tools and other useful resources to support you in either understanding more about strategy implementation or to provide you with the materials you require for success.

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Welcome to the Implementation Hub
Introduction by Robin Speculand, Global Pioneer & Implementation Specialist

fail to execute their strategies successfully


feel confident of implementing strategy


feel they will meet the strategy's objectives

“Strategy is about making the right choices, while implementation is about taking the right actions.”  - Robin Speculand, Best Selling Author & Implementation Specialist  

A contributing factor to the high number of failed implementations is when leaders return to their offices after creating their challenge, they are commonly left on their own to work out how to implement it. Successful implementation means leaders must translate the strategy into actions that staff members can adopt every day. The leader is then responsible for overseeing the implementation.

Start with the Implementation Framework

The Implementation Compass was developed by Bridges Business Consultancy Int from research into what the companies who successfully implement strategy do different and is expanded in the other two broad categories.

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