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Strategy Implementation Framework A tool for identifying and taking the right actions

The Implementation Compass™ is a framework for implementing strategy by identifying and taking the right actions. Bridges Business Consultancy Int developed it from researching what companies that implement strategy successfully do differently than those that fail.

What are the contributing factors to the high number of failed implementations? Consider these: After leaders create their strategy, they underestimate the implementation challenge and are left on their own to work out how to implement it. They must figure out, for example, how to balance the challenge of quarterly performance with the long-term strategy view, explain what needs to change and why, and motivate their people.

This describes a multitude of activities that can overwhelm the leaders. The Implementation Compass guides them in where to start and what to do next.

Excellence in implementation doesn’t mean doing one or two things well (e.g., changing measures or communicating the strategy); it requires doing eight things well—and remaining diligent about all eight areas. During the implementation journey, different emphasis is applied at different times. Yet, all eight directions must be acted on and reviewed to be successful.

Any significant shift in strategy requires a significant change in day-to-day activities throughout the organization. Leaders have a responsibility to both create the right conditions and guide staff members in how to execute the strategy.

The Implementation Compass provides them with the framework to achieve this.

The Eight Areas of Excellence for Execution