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Create a sense of urgency

The Biz Case is one of the eight areas of excellence for execution that people don't naturally or immediately relate to. The Biz Case creates a sense of urgency. It explains why the organization needs a new strategy. It takes into account both the emotional and logical reasons the organization must change and appeals to both the hearts and the minds of individuals.

Benefits of Explaining Biz Case: It dramatically reduces the resistance to adopting the new strategy, as employees understand why it is necessary to change. The strategy cannot be implemented if it cannot be understood, and it cannot be understood if its purpose cannot be explained. The Biz Case achieves this and also encourages people to start taking the right actions.

Why biz case is important to you
Introduced by Robin Speculand, Global Pioneer & Implementation Specialist

Make Your Biz Case Work For You

7 Questions to Consider When Developing the Biz Case

  1. Why do we need a new strategy?
  2. What is the strategy story?
  3. What numbers will articulate the need for a new strategy, both financial and non-financial (e.g., customer satisfaction rate, turnaround time and on time delivery)?
  4. What are the supporting arguments for selecting these numbers?
  5. What are the critical drivers of the change?
  6. What is in it for me?
  7. What is expected from me?

Sharing the Biz Case

Leaders preparing to share the Biz Case should adopt both the strategy story and the numbers, using both a left-brain and right-brain approach. This is because some staff members need to see the logical reasons for a new strategy (e.g., financial projections, competitor analyses and market conditions) while others relate to the strategy story and the emotional reasons to change. By addressing both groups, you are targeting the largest demographic and aiming for the highest level of engagement.


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Branding the Strategy

An effective way to share the Biz Case is by giving the strategy a brand that captures its essence in an image or images plus a memorable tagline, similar to an external branding for a consumer product.
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