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The power of effective communication

Most leaders fail to appropriately communicate strategy. We know from the research that leaders are poor at communicating strategy. Specifically, Bridges Business Consultancy Int 2012 research reveals that only 5% of employees have a basic understanding of the company strategy. Kaplan and Norton’s  research reveal that 95% of staff members in an organization can’t explain their own company strategy.

Benefits of Effective Communication:

  1. Ensures staff members know what the new strategy is which is already a competitive advantage.
  2. Aligns the whole organization towards taking the right actions.
  3. Provides a coherent, consistent approach from leaders over the whole implementation, not just the first few months.
Why communication is important to you
Introduced by Robin Speculand, Global Pioneer & Implementation Specialist

Make Your Communication Work For You

Goal of Communicating Strategy

  • Share the strategy
  • Explain the right actions to implement the strategy
  • Motivate staff members to take the right actions
  • Update progress against the strategy and its objectives

Common Pitfalls to Avoid for Communication

  1. Informing everyone only once
  2. Overcomplicating communication – “Strategy Speak”
  3. Allowing communication to dissipate after the launch
  4. Discussing the medium before the message

Communication’s Two Waves

Effective communication during implementation is divided into distinct waves:
First Wave – addresses crafting the communication plan and launch of the strategy
Second Wave – ensures on-going communication by sharing the right messages and information repeatedly over time


More about Communication

Questions for Developing the Communication Plan

1. What is the strategy goal?

2. What are communication objectives?

… and more


Launching the Strategy in the First Wave

1. Explain what the strategy is and why it’s important

2. Inform staff members of the actions they must take to participate in the implementation

… and more


Inform People of Progress

1. Progress against objectives

2. What is working? What is not working?

… and more

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