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Measuring strategy implementation

When organizations change their strategy, their leaders must review and change their current measures to avoid measuring yesterday’s obsolete strategy. Without the right measures in place to guide the implementation, you don’t know if you are succeeding or not. The simple rule to ensure you’re using the right measures is this:

Change Your Strategy, Change Your Measures.

Benefits of Selecting the Right Measures:

  1. Allows you to know if the implementation is on track and performing as expected
  2. Allows you to identify what needs to be changed or adjusted along the way
  3. Demonstrates progress and success to the the whole organization
Why measure is important to you
Introduced by Robin Speculand, Global Pioneer & Implementation Specialist

Make Measurement Work For You

3 Steps to Measure Implementation for Leaders

1. Introducing Strategy Maps and the Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has helped individuals in organizations understand the importance of strategic objectives and lead and lag indicators as well as tracking more than financials (a lag indicator of performance) to include such indicators as Customer, Process and Learning & Growth.

2. Identifying the Right Measures

Creating a Scorecard is not simply a task of identifying the measures that will track the implementation performance. It is a powerful methodology that can unite the leadership team, create a deeper understanding of how the strategy affects the business and provide a management system.

3. Guiding the Implementation

Once the right measures are in place, they will guide leaders in managing the business. The difference between measuring the business and managing is using measures to drive decisions that guide the implementation. By regularly reviewing the measures that track the implementation, leaders make small changes along the way that keep it on track. During your discussions, the changes may not appear overly significant, but the value of regularly reviewing your progress and making the right adjustments cannot be stressed too much.


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