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Processes synergy with strategy

When we change our strategy we are asking staff members to change the way they work. It is essential that leaders support individuals by ensuring they change relevant processes to support the new way of working. When we don't synergize the processes to the new strategy, staff members struggle to embrace the strategy and it will fail. The goal is to empower staff members to improve the processes to support the new strategy.

Benefits of Synergy between Processes and Strategy

  1. Identifies what needs to change in the way people are conducting their every day work
  2. Supports the new way of working
  3. Accelerates the implementation by encouraging people to make the required change for success
Why process is important to you
Introduced by Robin Speculand, Global Pioneer & Implementation Specialist

Make Your Process Work for You

Identify Which Processes You Must Excel At To Deliver The New Strategy

When implementing the strategy, leaders must step back and ask, “Where must we excel?” Another way of asking the question is, “What processes must we be very good at to execute the strategy?” It could be supply chain management like Wal Mart or sorting and dispatching like FedEx or design like Apple or customer service like Singapore Airlines.


How To Change The Processes

When preparing to implement the redesign of a process, start with these three action steps:

  1. Create an implementation action plan
  2. Develop and execute a communication plan
  3. Develop measures

How to Sustain the New Performance

As a leader, once you have selected the methodology and initiated the process redesign, you must sustain the new performance.  Processes continuously evolve so they need to be constantly reviewed and, over time, redesigned.

To achieve this you must:

  1. Identify the process owners
  2. Track process performance
  3. Align rewards and recognition

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Questions to Consider When Selecting A New Methodology

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2. What are the objectives?

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