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Introduction to Implementation Hub Welcome to the Implementation Hub – “Your portal to strategy implementation success”.

This exciting and new site has been designed to serve people who are looking for a single online location to find materials in the most effective and efficient way to implement strategy.

It is a central depository where rather than searching endless websites you can find what you are looking for in one place. It is loaded with templates, techniques, tips, best practices, media presentations, case studies, audits, tools and other useful resources to support you in understanding more about strategy implementation and to provide you with the materials you require for success.

The four broad categories are:

Introduction to strategy implementation
Why implementation has become a leadership field in its own right

A framework
the Implementation Compass™  identifying the eight areas of excellence for execution

Tools, Tips & Techniques
to support you

additional materials you may require

Each area has multiple sections within it and the portal site map provides you an overview of the HUB and the search function allows you to look for specific topics.

  1. Under the “Introduction” category you will find not only an introduction to the Hub but also to strategy implementation with an article, the history of implementation and a multimedia presentation.
  2. The “Framework" category offers you the Implementation Compass. This highlights the eight areas of excellence for execution with the reasons it is important and a short video introducing the area. The Implementation Compass was developed by Bridges Business Consultancy Int from research into what the companies who successfully implement strategy do different and is expanded in the other two broad categories.
  3. The “Tools, Tips & Techniques” category is packed with different material under different sections, including:
    • Articles – on the eight areas of excellence for execution from the Implementation Compass and other topics
    • Templates - over 30 different templates to support your implementation with instructions on how to use them
    • Case Studies - from companies like Hewlett Packard and Citigroup as well as short mini cases with ley lessons
    • Multimedia Presentations - a keynote on strategy implementation with speaker’s notes implementation, the “Urgency of Implementation” and other presentations.
    • Best Practices - from high-performing Implementation leaders and organizations
    • Implementation Tips – learn from the mistakes of others and what works
    • One Minute on Implementation  – leaders from many different industries and countries talking for 60 seconds to talk about one key implementation lesson
    • Audit – your own ability as a leader to execute strategy and your organizations
  4. The Resources category contains reference material that you may find useful. It includes:
    • Implementation Executive Coaching – offers you 90 days online support
    • Survey – research conducted in the field
    • Recommended Books – 42 books on implementation with a top ten list
    • Quotes – on different topics from implementation
    • Implementation Collateral – “IMPACT” and “The Implementation Cards” are just two of the materials you can purchase to support your implementation
    • Glossary – an explanation of the key terms
    • Future Seminars – a list of courses that are up and coming
    • Biz Trivia –  interesting and fun facts on business
    • Useful Websites, YouTube and Blogs – sites, videos and reading that further deepens your knowledge

A mixture of mediums have been adopted including videos, PDFs and multimedia presentations and none of the areas are static, with constant updates being provided.
Some of the more popular sections are “One Minute on Implementation”– videos “Implementation Tips” and “Multimedia presentations”. 

We welcome your feedback as the implementation community grows. Please let us know what you like / don’t like, what you would like to see different and any other feedback.

The Bridges Team