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Executive Coaching Offers you 90 days online support

  • Understanding and assimilating what it takes to be a successful leader in implementing strategy is both complex and time consuming. The HUB’s focus is to provide you a portal for your implementation success. As part of that offering, we provide online implementation coaching.

    What You Can Expect

    Online implementation coaching is designed to accelerate your understanding of the challenge of implementing strategy and to support you on a day-to-day basis.

    It involves both online email support and one-on-one telephone support.

    One of the biggest mistakes leaders make when starting to roll out a new strategy is underestimating the challenge of the implementation. In business schools across the world, leaders are taught how to plan, not how to execute the plan. They are taught the importance of strategy but not the importance of implementation. A successful leader today needs both the skills to craft the strategy and the ability to implement it.

    What You Receive

    There are three components:

    1. Leaders Assessment

    The first step is to understand your knowledge and experience of strategy implementation. The assessment comprises of 50 questions and then you obtain a debrief. The debrief discusses the results of the assessment and your strategy and the challenges ahead. You will also receive an executive report.

    The outcome is to agree on the right actions you need to take over 90-day intervals.

    2. The Implementation Challenge

    There are various, tools, techniques and frameworks available to support successful strategy implementation. We will identify the best ones to support your needs, then provide the materials required to assist you in your implementation challenge and achieve optimum results.

    3.  Regular Online 30 minute Discussions

    Every two weeks over 90 days we will communicate by phone or email depending on your preference and availability. The discussions will focus on progress made over the two weeks and challenges that have arisen, setting goals and objectives for the next two-week period and beyond.

    Length of Online Implementation Coaching

    90-day Components

    There is something magical about “90 days” in business. When leaders take action they should set themselves 90 days to achieve the outcome. If they do not complete the action within 90 days, then it was not important enough or it is too complicated. If the action requires more than 90 days, then it should be broken down into smaller components.


    Intervention Deliverable
    1. Leaders Assessment Individual assessment of your implementation skills as a leader both verbally, followed by an executive report capturing your skills capability.
    2. The Implementation Challenge Identification and recommendation of the best approach to overcome your implementation challenge.
    3. Regular Online 30-minute Discussions Bi-weekly reviews and discussions on progress being made and challenges encountered.
    4. Final Review Assessment of the 90-day impact and objectives.
    Investment (USD) US$1,750 for 90-day and for 90-day segments thereafter.