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Implementation Surveys Research conducted in the field

  • Strategy Implementation Survey Results 2012

    In 2002, Bridges Business Consultancy Int published its first research into the field of strategy implementation. Our most astounding statistic was that nine out of 10 implementations fail to be implemented successfully. This figure was extracted by looking at the strategy goals and then measuring who achieved a minimum of 50% of the goals in the time allocated.

    In 2005, our first few years of research, along with our client experience, contributed to our international best seller, Bricks to Bridges – Make Your Strategy Come Alive.

    We now bring you our 10th year of research with some startling responses. It has involved online responses for the first time as well as more than 130 interviews. The majority of organizations surveyed have over 10,000 employees and their headquarters are predominantly in the US and Singapore. 62% of the companies were multi-nationals (MNCs), 21% were from the public sector and 17% were local companies.

    The main industries surveyed came from IT followed by financial institutions, government and pharmaceutical. The main participants were middle and senior managers plus a handful of supervisors.

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  • Bridges 2016 Survey Results

    Check out our latest research and find out some starling and intresting facts on strategy implementation.

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  • Execution in Public Sector Survey Results

    Identify the 8 Key Drivers of Implementation Success from LBL Strategies

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  • Bridges 10 Years Implementation Survey Results

    Bridges work with governments, multinational corporations and local organizations assisting them to make their strategies come alive. At the turn of the millennium, Bridges was born out of the frustration of watching so many implementations fail. This fueled the desire to be a specialist in assisting leaders successfully execute strategy.

    Over the last 10 years, Bridges Business Consultancy Int, conducted a survey on the status of strategy implementation in the emerging markets of the Middle East and Asia.

    Outlined are the top-line results from this survey.

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