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  • Excellence in Execution - HOW to Implement Your Strategy
    Robin Speculand (2017)

    Speculan's 5th book on stratgey implementation. A shift to HOW to execute.

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    USD$ 19.00
  • Turning it on (English Version)
    Robin Speculand (2003)

    This is one reference book that will not gather dust on your shelf! What does a magic stone from India have to do with communication? What does Thomas Edison's ideology say about the way you run your business? What do penguins shivering in Antarctica have to do with teamwork? If you want a new way to arouse your team, captivate an audience or give your next presentation real punch, then TURNING IT ON is the book for you! Packed with incredible stories and truly engaging tales, Robin Speculand has written a book that will definitely help you add substance and sparkle to all your communications. Read it and turn on the creativity in your meetings, presentations and newsletters.

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    USD$ 10.00
  • Implementation Cards
    Bridges Business Consultancy Int

    Pick up a set of Implementation Cards for your organization.

    These novel, effective and powerful cards allow you to identify the Critical Success Factors for implementing your organization’s strategy.

    Learn from previous mistakes in your organization and others and turn them around to your advantage. Each set can be used for six to eight people and comes with instructions on how to create a highly interactive and engaging 45 minutes session that allows you to identify the Critical Success Factors for any project, innovation and strategy.

    A practical and easy-to-use tool that can make the difference between success and failure.

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    USD$ 13.00
  • Bricks to Bridges - Make Your Strategy Come Alive
    Robin Speculand (2005)

    This best-selling book on strategy implementation has sold over 10,000 worldwide.

    Most strategy implementation efforts don’t work out; they fade along the way or simply fail to deliver expected results. Just like an individual who plans to go on diet or intends to exercise, it’s not the plan that makes the difference; it is implementing your plan that delivers effective results.

    Organizations have the same problem – and need a powerful solution. This book shows you how to make your strategy come alive.

    Find out more in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UELgn4-Gyc

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    USD$ 10.00
  • Beyond Strategy: The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation
    Robin Speculand

    Due to the staggering failure of leaders to deliver on the strategy promises, implementation has become an integral part of strategy discussions, in the last few years. In Beyond Strategy, Robin shifts his focus from why strategy implementation is important, which was the focus of his international best-seller Bricks to Bridges, to what leaders must now do differently. Something needs to change and it starts with the leaders.

    Implementation of strategy can‘t simply be delegated. In this book, he provides the model, structure, and specific actions leaders must take to go beyond strategy and deliver on their promises. The book is based on the latest thinking and divided into the areas of the Implementation Compass™, a tool for implementing strategy that identifies the eight global best practices of implementation. Each chapter ends with the actions leaders must take. It is succinct, action orientated, and packed with useful tips and case studies.

    The book is a breakthrough in understanding a leader’s responsibilities in strategy implementation.

    Link to promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YQ2vLgJsos

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    USD$ 10.00
    Bridges Business Consultancy Int

    IMPACT is a structured approach for implementing actions in 90 days and includes templates, guides and tools to ensure their successful implementation. IMPACT starts after you have created the plan of action and as your meeting or workshop is ending. In theory the plan of action is a fait accompli. In practice, it's a different story.

    On returning to the organization and despite team member's best intentions, most action plans are not executed.

    Most of us start out with the right intentions but somewhere between thought and action, we lose focus, we lose direction, we lose commitment. IMPACT bridges this gap.

    IMPACT's design overcomes the most frequent challenges and guides the team to success through its structured approach. It is practical, easy to use and adopts best practices from around the world. At the heart of it is six Action Team Meetings (ATMs), held every two weeks to make sure the team is doing what they said they were going to do.

    You receive a customized bag that includes: Team Mentor's, Leader's and Member's Guide; IMPACT Posters; Certificate; Wobblers; IMPACT Pens; USB Flash Disk containing templates and soft copies and other materials.

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    USD$ 520.00
  • Excellence in Execution
    Bridges Business Consultancy Int

    This HD DVD addresses why most strategy implementations fail and outlines the eight areas you must address to achieve Excellence in Execution. It's not about doing one or two things well; it's about addressing eight areas simultaneously and driving your organization to take the right actions. Both of these are essential for success and, when ignored, contribute to your implementation failing.

    This engaging and entertaining presentation is ideal for conferences or in-house learning. It covers:

    • the difference between strategy and its implementation
    • the eight areas to achieve Excellence in Execution
    • why leaders habitually underestimate the implementation process
    • why implementation is a tough challenge (explained through the Camel Puzzle story)
    • key messages for successfully implementing strategy
    • examples, stories and riddles to drive home how to be Excellent in Execution
    • includes the bonus introduction "CEO Launching Strategy"

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    USD$ 20.00