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  • Excellence in Execution
    Bridges Business Consultancy Int

    This HD DVD addresses why most strategy implementations fail and outlines the eight areas you must address to achieve Excellence in Execution. It's not about doing one or two things well; it's about addressing eight areas simultaneously and driving your organization to take the right actions. Both of these are essential for success and, when ignored, contribute to your implementation failing.

    This engaging and entertaining presentation is ideal for conferences or in-house learning. It covers:

    • the difference between strategy and its implementation
    • the eight areas to achieve Excellence in Execution
    • why leaders habitually underestimate the implementation process
    • why implementation is a tough challenge (explained through the Camel Puzzle story)
    • key messages for successfully implementing strategy
    • examples, stories and riddles to drive home how to be Excellent in Execution
    • includes the bonus introduction "CEO Launching Strategy"

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    USD$ 20.00