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Communicate – We Know How Important It Is, But We Are Still Not Good At It

Articles 18 Apr 2013

Leaders often communicate a new strategy and its implementation poorly because they misunderstand the goal of their communication efforts and fall into four common communication pitfalls.

Effective communication has two waves. The first wave is developing a communication plan and launching the strategy; the second is ensuring the right messages and information is being shared on an on-going basis.

In the first wave, an overall communication statement is crafted and eight key questions are answered to build a communication plan. Leaders then use that plan to launch the strategy. The launch is the first time staff members hear about the strategy; it’s when the first impression is made.

In the second wave, leaders inform people on the progress being made against the stated strategic objectives. They convey best practices, provide customer feedback, and share success stories and lessons learned. The article ends with three communication tips.

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