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Readiness2Execute Assessment of your Organization

Assessment Tools 25 Apr 2013

Is your organization ready to implement the strategy? How do you know? Use Readiness2Execute to identify your readiness to implement and to build your implement plan.

Implementing your strategy is not an easy challenge. It is tough enough to create the right strategy, never mind implement it. More often than not—and despite all good intentions—its implementation fails to deliver the desired results.

After creating your strategy, where and how do you start to implement it? Once you roll it out, how do you know where to take the right actions? Do you know where your strength and weaknesses are in your ability to implement your strategy?

This tool helps you assess all the elements needed to execute your strategy successfully.

The Readiness2Execute is an assessment tool based on the Implementation Compass™ to identify your strengths, weaknesses and actions in preparation for implementing your strategy.
Your organization is unique and therefore your implementation is different than that of any other group.
Using it you can build a plan based on an assessment of your current implementation capabilities.
By asking key questions under each of the eight areas and rating the answers, you can extract a “radar” picture and identify the right actions to set up a successful implementation. 

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