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All Templates in 8 areas of Implementation Framework

Templates 13 Jun 2013

The templates in this section drive your implementation by providing the structure and evidence that your implementation is not only moving in the right direction but is succeeding.

The majority of the templates support the eight areas of excellence for execution explained in Implementation Framework You will find alternative layouts that provide you with options for the best style of template to fit your organization’s culture.

Each template is also supported by a description on how to use it.

If you have purchased an article on one of the eight areas on the Implementation Compass Framework, then you will already have the relevant templates with the link embedded in the download. Otherwise, you may choose to download the templates:

  • Individually or
  • All the templates in one single purchase

For more information on the templates related to the Implementation Compass Framework, please refer to the relevant article under the Articles section.

Each template is also supported by a description on how to use it.

List of templates

1. People Templates
  1.1 ABC of Implementation
  1.2 Internal Focus Group Questions

2. Biz Case Template
  2.1 Developing the Biz Case

3. Communication Templates
  3.1 Goals of Communicating Strategy
  3.2 Questions for Developing the Communication Plan
  3.3 Components of a Successfully Launched Strategy
  3.4 Checklist on Second Wave Communication

4. Measures Templates
  4.1 Vision to Actions Scorecard
  4.2 Guidelines for Developing Measures
  4.3 Sample Scorecard for Learning and Growth
  4.4 Sample of Scorecard for Internal Processes
  4.5 Sample of Scorecard for Customers
  4.6 Sample of Scorecard for Customers
  4.7 Sample of Scorecard for Financial

5. Culture Templates
  5.1 Culture – Before Rolling Out Strategy
  5.2 Identifying the Inflection Point

6. Processes Templates
  6.1 Which processes must we excel at to deliver the new strategy?
  6.2 How will we sustain the new performance?
  6.3 Communicating a Process Redesign
  6.4 Assigning Process Redesign Responsibilities
  6.5 Checklist for Process Owner’s Responsibility

7. Reinforce Template
  7.1 Designing an Effective Recognition Program

8. Review Templates
  8.1 Review Objectives
  8.2 Maximum Effectiveness of Meetings
  8.3 Sample Review Template
  8.4 Sample Review Template
  8.5 Sample Review Template
  8.6 Sample Template –Improvement Plan and Key Actions

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