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Templates 06 Jun 2013

Most staff members can’t even explain what their own company’s strategy is. As a result, they don’t know how to participate in the implementation process. The templates in this section help ensure leaders communicate why the new strategy is important and what needs to be done, including providing constant updates.


Template 1 - Goals of Communicating Strategy

In communicating strategy, the goal is to ensure staff members understand the strategy, are motivated to take the right action, receive constant updates and learn about what is coming next. The four questions in this template help achieve these goals.


Template 2 - Questions for Developing the Communication Plan

The eight questions in this template can take a full day of discussion to answer well. The answers can then be used to build the Communication Plan.


Template 3 - Components of a Successfully Launched Strategy

Many launches of new strategies only affect 10% of the targeted audience. This template assists leaders in preparing an impactful launch by communicating the right messages.


Template 4 - Checklist on Second Wave Communication

Effective communication requires that staff members understand the new strategy and know what to do differently. Not only that, they need constant updates on what is working as well as sharing best practices, success stories, customer comments and overall feedback on the implementation’s progress.

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